The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.

-William Arthur Ward

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Personal Plan for Technology

Technology has become more and more advanced as time passes. It solves or facilitates problems that we currently have today. Thankfully, technology has also made learning more accessible. I plan to use technology moderately in my classroom. One specific example is with Desmos graphing calculator. Desmos is able to graph complex functions to better visualize the concepts students are learning. Not only does this save the teacher time and effort of drawing functions by hand, it is also a good way for students to check their work from school or at home. The website is useful for a lot of mathematical content, but it is fantastic with Trigonometry. Another piece of technology I would use in the classroom is Geogebra. Similar to Desmos, it can graph complex functions. However, it can also demonstrate interesting geometrical concepts as well. For instance, the user can easily construct inscribed shapes, perpendicular lines, and tangent lines on a circle. It can do so much more when it comes to geometry, which is why it is a very useful website. One last piece of technology I would use in the classroom is Nearpod. It does not have the same functionalities as either Desmos or Geogebra. However, it allows for all students to have access to lessons online, for teachers to create seamless lessons either from scratch or with other lesson plans/documents they have, and for periodic assessment as students go through the lesson.

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